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Ka-Bar Dozier Folder | Trusted by the USMC Mountain Warfare Instructors

The Ka-Bar Dozier is a trusted EDC knife among the Marine Corps MWTC (Mountain Warfare Training Center) Instructor staff. Here is what one of them had to say about the Ka-Bar Dozier.

The Dozier design Kabar, it is my daily carry and has been since 2006. I met Dozier at SHOT, as well as the president of Kabar. I have more knives than any human should own… mostly because companies send me different models to include in my kits. I have several Benchmade knives, including an automatic and I have almost every folder from SOG, because Gunny Lee Ermey is a friend of mine and they wanted to be in the kit we provide to Navy SpecWar. I still carry the Dozier.
I like it because it is lightweight, thin and sharp as a razor, right out of the box. A friend of mine who was an elk hunting guide called me from Colorado and said that he had completely dressed and quartered an elk with a Dozier and didn’t sharpen it one time. He said no one had ever seen that done before.
As a survival blade, I prefer a drop point that is one hand opening and a lanyard hole is a must. As you know, most gear packed in a survival kit never gets used and when it does, it is for short periods. I have yet to find a superior replacement for the Dozier, so I’ll continue to use it, while knives that cost 10 times as much sit in the drawer.

I’ve been a knife guy most of my life starting with my dad buying me a Swiss Army knife. My dad and I used to always watch MacGyver every week together just to see what he would do each week with his Swiss Army pocket knife. Once I got into the Marine Corps, later on, I upgraded to a Gerber Gator folder that was on a belt-mounted sheath. Both were great options for what my needs were at the time. As time went on my knife habits and collections evolved depending on what I was into at any given time. I’ve been through many different brands of knives over the years.

Ka-Bar is one of those companies I never really had a lot of experience with other than the Marine Corps Ka-Bar fixed blade knife. Ka-Bar now has a full line of folding knives available, so I decided to give them a shot. The model I decided on after doing my homework was the Dozier Design folder.

This is not what I would consider a hard use folder by any means due to its lack of stainless steel lines, but that doesn’t take away from the overall durability of this budget folder.

The blade style is a drop point hunter-style blade made with AUS-8 steel. The AUS-8 steel is really good quality steel that holds an edge well and is easy to hone and sharpen. The blade pivot is also adjustable allowing you to adjust for any side to side blade play. The blade is coated with a black Teflon coating. The black coating does start to come off after light use which some don’t like, but I think that a knife with wear gives it character.

The blade deployment is done via a single thumb stub that is reversible depending on what pocket you choose to carry in. I’ve even drawn this knife from my pocket and opened the blade with gloves on, and no they were not tight fitting tactical gloves, they were looser work gloves. The one thing I did to the thumb stud to prevent it from working its way loose over time is to add a drop or two of Loctite.

The pocket clip is also coated with the black Teflon coating and is reversible for either left or right-hand tip-up carry. The picket clip retention is firm, yet not so much that you cannot draw it from your pocket one-handed.

The handle is made from a Zytel polymer material that is textured for a good grip in all conditions. The knife is comfortable in both regular and reverse grip.

The lock is a traditional lock back that has been around for a long time and it just works.

Because of the slim profile and lightweight of this knife you can just as easily throw it in your pocket like you would with any swiss army knife or classic case knives. This knife is not something I would use for as a defensive weapon, but for your everyday tasks and even light wilderness use, it’s perfect.

You can find them on Amazon for around $20. For that price, you can buy several of them.

Scott Witner is a Marine Corps Veteran and Digital Content Professional. He enjoys trail running, hiking, functional fitness and working on his truck. Scott resides in Northeastern Ohio with his wife and two kids.