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Attention side sleepers! Nemo has the answer with the spoon shaped Disco Sleeping Bag

After spending 6 years in the Ranger Regiment moving through rugged terrain, sleeping on the ground in sketchy locations with nothing more than a poncho liner and eating those shitty MRE’s, I’ve developed my 3 golden rules of camping. Ironically, these rules are the direct opposite of what we did in the military. #1: Epic locations, #2: Comfortable sleep & #3: Excellent food. Get these 3 rules right and I guarantee an enjoyable camping experience. To ensure a comfortable nights sleep, getting off the ground plus a sleeping bag that doesn’t feel confining are the major components of rule #2. A few years back I purchased a ”spoon” shaped Nocturne bag from Nemo Equipment. That’s why I went with their warmer Disco 15F sleeping bag to cover the fall/spring camping seasons.

Nemo Disco Video Review:

With fall upon us, and cooler temperatures rolling in, a warmer bag is necessary to maintain a comfortable sleeping experience. Nemo Equipment offers several types of insulation in their line of bags but I typically prefer natural down for its insulation properties and compressibility. Utilizing 100% Responsibly sourced down and treating it with Nikwax allows you to have your cake and eat it too. The Nikwax treatment of the down feathers negates one of the only drawbacks to owning a down sleeping bag. And that’s clumping of the feathers when exposed to water or damp conditions.

NEMO Disco 15F Features:

  • Spoon™ shape adds room at elbows and knees.Insulated with premium fluorocarbon-free, water-resistant

  • Nikwax Hydrophobic Down™.

  • 100% Responsible Down Standard (RDS) Certified down is traceable and ensures humane treatment throughout the supply chain.

  • Waterproof/breathable footbox protects from tent condensation, keeping feet warm and dry.

  • Blanket Fold™ external draft collar provides tucked-in comfort and temperature regulation. Thermo Gills™ allow you to vent body heat without letting cold drafts in.

  • Integrated pillow pocket allows a jacket, extra clothes, or a Fillo™ to be stuffed into the sleeve opening for a handy pillow-on-the-go.

  • Zip together with women's Rave™.

  • MSRP $299.95

For myself and the vast majority of sleepers, laying on my side and stretching my legs are a nightly routine. Conventional mummy bags have never jived with my overly claustrophobic lower half. Often resulting in unzipping the bag to throw a leg out all while loosing the hard earned body heat from the cocoon. Nemos unique spoon shape affords more room to move within the leg and shoulder region. Allowing me to roll from side to side without unzipping. To help regulate temperature, Nemo incorporates two simple yet effective features. Thermo Gills that act like vents when unzipped. Allowing some heat to escape without creating an incoming draft. And the Blanket Fold which can be tucked in to form a seal around the body near the head opening of the bag or flipped out to allow an additional source of ventilation

An October trip to Overland Expo East in Virginia saw nighttime temperatures dip into the low 40’s and what I felt were the perfect conditions to test the new Disco. I tend to sleep warmer than my bride and despite the overnight temps, I was still slightly concerned that a 15F bag would be too warm for me. But utilizing both the Thermo Gills and Blanket Fold properly, I was able to regulate the temperature in the bag and sleep as comfortable as I ever have in these conditions. I was also informed that the Mens Disco bag can be attached to the women’s Rave line of sleeping bags. Further increasing the potential of nighttime shenanigans.

So if you’re a side sleeper like me, I recommend you take a hard look at the entire line of the Spoon shaped bags from Nemo Equipment. With several temperatures available and various types of insulation, I’m confident that Nemo has just the bag for you. Once you experience the difference a little extra leg and shoulder room make, the spoon bag will quickly become your favorite outdoor sleeping arrangement.

About the Author:

Erik Meisner served in Attack Company, 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment as a rifle team leader with deployments to the Middle East, Central America and Asia. He's a licensed pilot, SCUBA diver and enjoys Alpine skiing, shooting, Overland camping, boating, sea kayaking, traveling and golf. Growing up in a military family, Erik had the pleasure to live and ski all over North America and Europe. Now residing in beautiful Northern Michigan with his wife and 2 sons, they continue to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.